Ground Finger Pulls

Finger pulls can be ground into glass and mirror that is at least ¼” thick. These are typically used in cabinetry.


Holes can be drilled into glass and mirror. The hole diameter is specified by the purchaser and can range from ¼” to 4”. When ordering, indicate the measurement to the center for the hole.

Light Switch Cutouts

Cutouts for light switches are accomplished by drilling two 2” holes and cutting out the intersection. This cutout requires the final use of a cover plate. Light switch cutouts should be ordered as 2×4 or 4×4.

Mail and Pass-Through Slots

A cutout for a mail slot can be placed on the edge of a piece of glass. As mail slot hardware varies by shape and size, we require the hardware before preparing the cutout.


Notches are typically cut into glass for hinges. Most hinges will have a template that specifies the cutout.

Pattern Cuts

Glass and mirror can be cut and edged in any pattern that is greater than 8” on both the width and height measurement. We need a pattern from you for any shape that has one or more curved lines or any shape that does not have at least two 90-degree angles.

Use our corner guide to specify rounded or clipped corners.

The pattern must be made from brown craft paper, cardboard, posterboard, pressboard, or any wood product and must be cut to the finished dimension to ensure accuracy of size.

(+ or – 1/16”) on 3/16” and ¼” glass
(+ or – ⅛”) on ⅜” glass
(+ or – ¼”) on ½” glass

If the finished product is mirror, the pattern must be cut to the exact size of the finished product. Mark the face side of the pattern.

Plate Grooves

Plate grooves are ground into glass for typical use in china cabinets. The groove is generally placed 2” from the edge of the glass (positioned to the back of the cabinet) and runs the full length of the glass. Plate grooves are ground into ¼”, ⅜” or ½” glass.

Radius & Clipped Corners

A clipped or radius corner can be specified for an order. The clipped and radius corner guide indicates the size of these corners.