Insulated Glass

Glass Unit Information

Glass Fabricators’ units are routinely tested by an independent laboratory to the ASTM 2188/9 method, subjecting the units to repeated cycles of extreme temperature, humidity, and UV. They have consistently achieved the CBA level, the highest level attainable. Glass Fabricators’ dual seal units have been installed in buildings throughout the Midwest since the 1980s.

Units can be made in varying combinations of reflective glass, low emissivity glass, heat absorbing, patterned, tempered or laminated glass. Air space is governed by the type and size of glass, and design criteria. Gas filled air spaces are available, improving the energy performance of the unit.


Cross Section

Construction: Insulated glass units consist of two or more lites of glass separated by a metal spacer, filled with desiccant, and hermetically sealed with polyisobutylene as the primary sealant, and polysulfide or silicone as the secondary sealant. Units are fabricated to the requirements of the project in terms of dimension and components.

Desiccant: Low deflection molecular sieve/silica gel blend
Spacer: Laser wielded aluminum tubing
Primary seal: Polyisobutylene
Secondary seal: Polysulfide or silicone
Corners: Crimped butyl sealed corner keys


Glass Fabricators’ insulated glass units are warrantied against seal failure due to manufacturing defect for ten years. The warranty is dependent upon correct handling, storage, and glazing. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to comply with federal, state, and local building codes with respect to safety precautions, wind loading, and suitability. A copy of the warranty is available by contacting Glass Fabricators Inc. The warranty details terms, limitations, and remedy in the event of a claim.