Sika Sealants

Sikaflex polyurethanes and Sikasil silicones have been developed for the glazing industry. In addition to on-site inventory of over 40 types and colors of sealants, Sika customers have access to Sika’s support, training, and lab testing.

Check out our CSR Cue Card for a full list of recommended sealant products for different applications.


Pre-formed glazing tapes are available in various widths and lengths. Tapes remain resilient over a long period of time and have excellent adhesion to glass, metal, or wood when continuous pressure is applied. Tapes come as a roll with a release paper on one side. Both closed cell foam tape and butyl tape offered by Glass Fabricators, Inc. are compatible with GFI’s insulated glass units.

Mirror Grip

Sikaflex is designed to provide a fast permanent bond between mirror and drywall, wood, and metals. Since Sikaflex can be compressed to 1/32 of an inch, it makes it ideal for mirror installations requiring close tolerances such as mirrored overlays or mirrored furniture. For uneven surfaces, Sikaflex can build up to ¾ inch. Mirror Grip Sikaflex is manufactured by Sika Sealants.

Safety Backing

Safety backing applied to the back of a mirror ensures that the mirror will hold in place even if it is broken or shattered, thus minimizing potential injury. The Category II tape is a heavy-duty woven white tape. Category II tap has passed ANSI Z97.1 1984 and the independent test Code 16 CFR 1201.